Sounds of the Town











Dan Chomsky, his daughter Rosa, and Ringo out for a stroll along Germantown Avenue.

As promised in last week’s post, I’m including my completed audio package, Sounds of the Town. The finished product includes interviews with Anthony Kennedy, Manny Thompson and Dan Chomsky, all longtime G-Town residents. I hope you find it as insightful as I did. Give me some feedback, if you so desire.


2 Comments on “Sounds of the Town”

  1. kssmith7 says:

    I like the picture to go along with your audio. You came across some interesting people in Germantown.

  2. Huntly Collins says:

    This is terrific! Are you sure you want to go into print journalism rather than go work for NPR?
    What I like about this is that you set the scene and take us on a little walk through gtown, interviewing people as you go.
    Great that you got real names. Congrats! And, though gtown is majority African American, about 20 percent is white. You managed to get both black and white voices into this.
    Overall, excellent job.