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Inside a world of danger: Life as a transgender sex worker

Following the brutal murder of a transgender sex worker in Philly’s Hunting Park section, Vinny delved into the community surrounding her. His dogged reporting efforts uncovered a rare look into a community that often goes unnoticed by the city’s media.

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A dead system?

After Vinny help break the news of a North Philly funeral home that was improperly storing corpses in a garage, he uncovered some surprising gaps in how Pennsylvania inspects and oversees its funeral home system in this investigative report.

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The murder of Sgt. Robert Wilson III

On a snowy day in March, Vinny raced to a crime scene in North Philly to report on a senseless tragedy: The brutal murder of a Philadelphia Police officer. In the days that followed, Vinny used the deep well of sources he had cultivated as a crime reporter to paint a full, vivid picture of Sgt. Wilson’s life through the eyes of the people who knew him best.

‘One of the best’ is slain while stopping a robbery (3/6/15)

Slain cop hailed a ‘hero’ as alleged killers scrutinized (3/9/15)

Slain officer’s son spends birthday with his new ‘family’  (3/10/15)

Slain cop’s family prepares to say final farewell (3/16/15)

The Swiss Cheese Pervert:

Chris Pagano, a Montgomery County man, gained notoriety in the Philly area for soliciting women with his odd fetish. Vinny contributed to the initial press buzz about him, and covered his arrest.

‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ terrorizes Mayfair (1/11/13, Cover Story)

Alleged ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ nabbed by police (1/18/13, Cover Story)

Nadia Malik:

The 22-year-old woman from Broomall, Delaware County, was found dead in a car parked near 30th Street Station. Vinny covered the initial discovery of her body, and then dug into police records, and spoke to her family, in order to gain more insight into her death.

Mystery surrounds death of young mother (2/21/14, Cover Story)

Brother of woman found dead speaks out (3/7/14)

A year later, death of Nadia Malik still a mystery (2/20/15)


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The Pocono Record

Vinny has received numerous awards for his investigative work at the Record, including accolades from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Associated Press Managing Editors, and the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association.

Bad teachers, and what we’re doing about them (12/8/13, Investigative report)

Is your nursing home safe? State inspection reports tell too much, and not enough (2/3/13, Investigative report)

For Pocono government workers, it’s still a man’s world. ( 5/20/12, Investigative report)

Noise as much as a hazard as Pocono Raceway’s hairpin turns (8/8/11)

Busted bridges in the Poconos: How bad are the ones you use? (7/31/11, Investigative report,)

Region’s Business

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Gov. Corbett discusses updated transportation plan (1/24/13)

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2012 Philadelphia Red Bull Flugtag Coverage

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